Auditions for the Hamilton season will be held at Clarence St Theatre on 10 - 12 May 2019.

Rehearsals will commence approximately six weeks out from opening night. 

Register above so that we can send you an audition pack and draft schedules along with some other information before you audition. 


Galileo Figaro

Male. Age: late teens/early 20s.

A young misfit looking for meaning in a highly regulated world. Needs to be charismatic, charming, (a sense of comedy) and have a very strong rock tenor voice up to a full voice sustained high B. Falsetto up to a D above High B is also required.


Female. Age: late teens/early 20s.

Also a young misfit, with a sharp wit who keeps Galileo on his toes. Eventually they fall for each other. Vocally, a strong rock mezzo belt voice is required.

Killer Queen

Female. Age: late 20s - 40s.

She is a ruthless business woman, powerful, tough and glamorous with a strong stage presence. She has sass, and controls every situation around her. A dynamic, strong character. Vocally, a very powerful, strong mezzo belt with the capacity and vocal stamina for a hard rock edge is required.

Commander Khashoggi

Male. Age: 30 upwards.

Khashoggi works for the Killer Queen. He is the embodiment of a future techno corporate stooge. High Baritone or Tenor.

Brit (Britney Spears)

Male. Age: late teens to 30s.

“Brit” is short for Britney Spears, which is ironic as Brit is the antithesis of Britney’s form of pop. Brit of one of the Bohemian rebels who believe that there is a true musical style that can conquer the corporate ga-ga sound. High Baritone or Tenor with a rock edge.


Female. Age: late teens to 30s.

“Oz” is short for Ozzy (Osbourne), also ironic. Oz, like Brit, is a Bohemian rebel, waiting for the return of rock music. A strong Mezzo belt voice is required.


Male. Age: middle aged to elderly ex- rocker.

Buddy is an old librarian with a passion for the old sacred texts (forgotten rock lyrics). He is the comic character that acts as a foil to the journey taken by Galileo and Scaramouche. High Baritone or Tenor.


The ensemble is a critical part of the show, and play various cameo roles throughout. There will be a mix of very strong dancers, strong rock/theatre singer-movers and character ensemble parts amongst the Bohemian rebels.

Much of the story is told through the atmosphere and locations set by the ensemble’s movement, so the ability to be a risk-taking, creative, receptive and flexible group member is critical.

The ensemble is broken into groups which includes:

● Ga-Ga Kids / Teen Queens: Living in a highly modified, prescribed soulless consumer world

● Rebels: Outcasts driven by an underground fight against GlobalSoft and its leader Killer Queen

● Secret Police: Faceless, soulless stooges that work to the bidding of Killer Queen and Khashoggi

● Super Yuppies, Doctors, Youth of the Future, Teacher


All cast will be expected to be able to move and sing. Dancers should book an audition time as well as attending the en masse dance audition. 

Backing singers

Backing vocalists will be used extensively througout the show. 


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